Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ratings2Win Axis Available?

The Axis software provides detailed horse racing and trial information for events in Australia and Hong Kong. We provide separate subscriptions for Australian and Hong Kong users and combined subscription models for those betting in both locations.

What Makes Axis Better Than Other Analytics Software?

Ratings2Win Axis features the largest database of verified race data on the market. We spend more time and money than anyone else verifying race data so that our clients have the best information available to them. Combined with the unique way Axis allows users to create forms, sort and filter race data, our software gives our clients everything they need to maximise their investment.

How Much Past Data Is Available on Axis?

By default, Axis subscriptions come with 730 days of historical data for races and trials. That allows punters to use the most recent information to determine their bets. However, you can purchase additional banks of historical data as a separate product, with information going as far back as 2010.

Will I Benefit From Using the Axis Software?

If you’re a seasoned punter, Axis will give you a significant edge over your competition. Our database is larger, more accurate and more frequently updated than any other horse racing analytics service, which allows our clients to maximise their profits.

Why Isn’t Everyone Using R2W Axis?

There are a limited number of Axis users at any one time. The Axis software is very powerful and has an unmatched database of information. We ensure that only the top punter who can fully utilise this software has access to this information. This exclusivity helps keep our clients at the top.

How Accurate Is the R2W Axis Software?

Between 2017 and 2019, the Axis software produced 28% top pick wins and 60.6% top three wins across more than 33,000 races. These figures show that our software is significantly more accurate than any other product available on the market.

How Much Does the R2W Axis Software Cost?

The R2W Axis software features a subscription model with a range of additional add-ons such as external rating subsequent and access to a database of over ten years of historical information. To discuss what products you need and how much it costs, get in touch with us today through our contact page.

Does Ratings2Win Take a Commission From My Winnings?

No, we don’t take a cut from your profits. All of your winnings are yours to keep. Axis does have a subscription fee that allows you to continue using our extensive database of information. This subscription fee helps us keep our information up to date and error-free.

What Do I Need to Run R2W Axis?

The Axis software requires a dedicated computer setup to effectively run the program. Considering the size of the software, the recommended hardware requirements for Ratings2Win Axis include x2 512GB SSD drives, 32GB of RAM and an 11th generation Intel i7 or i9 CPU.

Does Ratings2Win Axis Have a Mobile App?

Currently, there is no app for Ratings2Win Axis, and it is incompatible with mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Axis is an intensive software with specific hardware requirements to ensure you get the most out of the software. Laptops are suitable for using the program; however, a dedicated desktop is recommended.

How Does Ratings2Win Axis Protect My Data?

We include an automatic backup function that is enabled by default in R2W Axis. This feature creates an incremental backup every time the software is closed and is stored on the system for up to 28 days. This feature ensures that your data will always be protected from data loss or corruption. Thanks to this feature, you will always have a recent data backup if needed.