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Industry-Leading Horse Racing, Horse Ratings and Analysis Tools

R2W Axis is the most accurate and innovative software of its kind available within the public domain. We have the largest and most versatile horse racing database, constantly updated with fully verified information. This is what allows our clients to consistently outperform the market and stay ahead of other competitors.

Fully Verified Data

Race data accuracy single-handedly can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful bets. We guarantee that our software is the most accurate available within the public domain.

We dedicate a considerable budget towards verifying our data, using cutting-edge correction processes. Unlike many others, we don’t rely on official data that’s proven to be inaccurate.

Having the most up-to-date and accurate data is the cornerstone of ratings2win. The dynamic data you’ll find in R2W Axis simply isn’t available anywhere else within the public domain.

Industry Leading Service & Support

We go to great lengths to ensure our clients get the support they need, when they need it. With a limited number of licences available, there is a finite number of active clients at any time. We adopt a hands-on approach that ensures a prompt resolution of any issues, providing fast and free technical support to all Axis clients.

In addition, we support our clients’ development with a range of articles and resources, ensuring you get the full benefit from our software and analysis tools.

Limited Number Of Licences Available

As an R2W Axis client, you are part of an elite group of horse racing professionals. We aim to ensure that our software is only available to horse racing professionals looking to create a further competitive edge.

Our software is used almost exclusively by some of the country’s most profitable punters, successful horse trainers, jockey managers and bloodstock agents.

We pride ourselves on providing a top-of-the-range product to those looking to reach new heights within their punting and/or sector. Our software gives professional punters the information required to place more profitable bets and provides jockey managers, trainers and bloodstock agents with an information edge over their competitors.

The Proof Is In The Numbers

*Between August 2017 and July 2019, across 33,890 races.

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Powerful Form Analysis Tools

R2W Axis stands alone in the industry as the leading horse racing, horse ratings and analytics software. When analysing horse racing data, we are without peer.

Selection Finder & Analyser

The selection finder and analyser module allow you to quickly isolate potential bets using past data and systems that you develop. It's an efficient means of ensuring that you capture all horses that qualify on individual or groups of systems without error. Test and refine multiple systems and enjoy the benefits that flow.

Discover the power and flexibility that exists when using this one-of-a-kind module.

Betting Analyser

The R2W Axis Betting Analyser is a unique feature that integrates the results of your system tests and/or previous bets. This provides you with more context and information that allows for more effective betting analysis.

Our Betting Analyser conveniently displays a variety of profit and bank risk features, giving your bets more context than ever before. The more information you have, especially about your betting practices, the easier it is to learn from and improve your punting strategies. No other analytics tool in the industry displays betting analysis to the same depth and detail.

Accurate Horse Early Speed and Settling Maps

Accurate Early Speed and Settling Maps are critical tools for anyone analysing a horse's chances in an upcoming race. What makes the R2W Axis Early Speed and Settling mapping technology different is the quality of data used and the accuracy of the algorithm.

R2W Axis can be used to automatically populate a settling map with the highest level of accuracy within the public domain. Instantly visualise where a horse may settle, which horses are likely to receive good runs and which runners may face obstacles. This allows clients to consistently isolate the best contenders and make more accurate decisions.

Advanced Jockey, Trainer, Sire and Dam Analysis

R2W Axis equips clients with the most accurate and up-to-date jockey, trainer, sire and dam statistics. Axis can help you uncover more profits by answering unique questions regarding jockey, trainer, sire and dam statistics. Information is delivered dynamically, offering advanced functionality above and beyond other software.

Clients can construct customised queries about a single jockey or trainer or a list of jockeys and trainers. This versatile feature provides information that most punters just don’t have access to - the possibilities are almost endless.

R2W Advanced Analysis enables clients to interrogate jockeys, trainers, sire and dam statistics like never before.

Speed, Performance & Sectional Ratings that are Without Peer

Depending on your subscription level, R2W Axis offers accurate performance & sectional ratings, rankings, wide/lanes data, margins from leader, track pattern/bias meeting and race analysis. Our software also includes proprietary form and adjustable speed maps produced from corrected times and sectionals covering all Australian, Hong Kong and Singapore TAB meetings, including barrier trials.

As a unique feature, ratings2win independently verifies all ratings data used in our algorithms. As a consequence, we believe that R2W offers ratings that are superior in strike rate to any other speed, intelligence and performance ratings commercially available.

As the most versatile software on the market, R2W Axis still enables clients to adjust assigned ratings, including our speed & performance ratings or a client's own. This gives you absolute control and delivers a totally unique data set of information to help you gain and/or maintain an edge over the market.

Comments Plus

A unique ratings2win innovation, Comments Plus is a quantum leap forward in the area of recording video and/or racing comments. The Comments Plus module offers cutting-edge functionality that turns comments into ‘multipurpose user data’. Not only does this relay information to the client, it also interacts with Axis and its ratings with adjustments and colouring flags.

For R2W Axis clients, Comments Plus saves time and increases accuracy and consistency in your workflows and processes. This feature streamlines the post-race work process of recording comments and making adjustments to normalise a horse’s performance. Axis Professional clients can now access this type of functionality previously only available to the most sophisticated industry elite.

Verify Race Day Track Condition

This key feature enables clients to verify the Race Day Track Conditions with greater accuracy than ever before. R2W Axis clients can use this feature to pinpoint track bias early and gain a tangible advantage over their competitors.

R2W Axis provides a more accurate track speed using the results and corrected times for each race. This enables us to calculate a more accurate track speed than the official data. These adjusted track speed assessments can then be used to determine a horse’s track condition suitability.

What the clients say about us?

Frequently Asked Questions

Ratings2Win Axis features the largest database of verified race data on the market. We spend more time and money than anyone else verifying race data so that our clients have the best information available to them. Combined with the unique way Axis allows users to create forms, sort and filter race data, our software gives our clients everything they need to maximise their investment.
By default, Axis subscriptions come with 730 days of historical data for races and trials. That allows punters to use the most recent information to determine their bets. However, you can purchase additional banks of historical data as a separate product, with information going as far back as 2010.
The Axis software provides detailed horse racing and trial information for events in Australia and Hong Kong. We provide separate subscriptions for Australian and Hong Kong users and combined subscription models for those betting in both locations.
If you’re a seasoned punter, Axis will give you a significant edge over your competition. Our database is larger, more accurate and more frequently updated than any other horse racing analytics service, which allows our clients to maximise their profits.

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