Why Ratings2win Axis?

R2W Axis is no average form analysis database and software program: it’s an elite set of software tools for those truly serious about improving their results. Our software is used by Australia’s most profitable punters, successful horse trainers, jockey managers and bloodstock agents. 

R2W Axis includes:

  • Professional, user-friendly interface
  • Flexible subscriptions & expansion options
  • Industry-leading independently verified race data 
  • World-class form analysis tools

Learn what makes ratings2win Axis exceptional and the logical choice for you and your team below.

Our Commitment to Innovation ​

The R2W Axis Racing Analytics software and database is an incredibly powerful piece of technology. For more than ten years since our first public release, we have refined what has become the most sophisticated analytics tool in the industry.

R2W Axis is more than just a software program: it’s a full suite of industry-leading professional features that is without peer. Our R2W Axis database software contains many key components that are proprietary and unavailable elsewhere. 

R2W Axis clients benefit from a collection of one-of-a-kind ratings, generated using our own advanced algorithms and fully verified data.


Unlike other providers, we continue to improve R2W Axis and add new functionality regularly. ratings2win leads the development of racing software innovation, and we don’t believe in complacency. 

We take pride in integrating our clients’ feedback and strive to remain at the cutting edge leading the industry.

It is no coincidence that many of Australia’s leading horse racing professionals use R2W Axis as an integral part of their arsenal. Our practical approach to software development means that our valued clients continue to share in the best data and tools available.

As the leading name in horse racing analytics software, the features we create become industry standards from which others attempt to emulate without success.

Fully Verified & Accurate Data

At ratings2win, our state-of-the-art R2W Axis software and database arm the discerning professional with fully verified race and trials data. This information isn’t available anywhere else in the public domain, and unlike our competitors, we don’t depend on official data, which is demonstrably inaccurate. 

During our years of extensive experience, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge of what makes ratings perform. We’ve learned just how inaccurate traditional form provided by others is, and it all starts with the accuracy of the data. 

We spend several hours a day correcting and compiling the data in order to correct and minimise error. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring our clients have the most up-to-date and accurate information. 

We confirm and cross-check:

  • All race/trial times and sectionals for each TAB race within Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore every day
  • Position in running (PIR) data 
  • Track Conditions/Speeds
  • Margins and Finishing Positions 
  • Jockey/Trainer names, allowances and overweights
  • Distances, Barriers, Tracks, Race Classes, Rail Positions, Pricing Data and more

That is why we are proud to have the industry’s most accurate and fully verified race and trial data. In fact, we personally guarantee that ratings2win Axis is the most accurate software currently available on the market, and it has been that way since our inception.

Get in touch with us today to learn how the R2W Axis software puts revolutionary data and analysis tools at your fingertips.

Exclusive & Elite for Professional Users

As an R2W Axis client, you are part of an elite group of clients, ensuring that using our innovative data and analysis tools sets you apart from the rest. We ensure that our software is only available to proven industry professionals looking to create a further, definitive edge.

Our software is used almost exclusively by the most profitable punters, successful horse trainers, jockey managers and bloodstock agents.

We pride ourselves on providing a world-class product to those looking to reach new heights with their analysis. As such, R2W Axis can significantly alter the horse racing landscape, which is why we have a strictly limited number of licences available.

Unlike others, we do not sell our data to corporate bookmakers and/or large betting syndicates, ensuring we protect our clients’ interests, which of course includes ourselves.

In addition, R2W Axis provides the custom functionality that elite users require. R2W Axis gives you the ultimate control with the ability to filter, sort, collate and compare information as you please. 

Clients can easily integrate their race, meeting and horse comments using the Comments or Comments Plus features and make queries to our extensive and dynamic database.

The combination of cutting-edge features and a versatile interface makes R2W Axis the perfect tool for any dedicated horse racing professional. 

If you’re looking to boost your knowledge and gain an information edge over your competitors, it is our belief that R2W Axis will meet the needs of even the most fastidious professional user.

Industry Leading Client Support ​

One factor that makes R2W Axis the leading horse racing analytics software and database is our dedication to prompt and effective service and support. We go to great lengths to ensure our clients get the support they need.

With a limited number of licences available, there is a finite number of active clients at any one time. Having such a manageable client base coupled with extremely reliable software means we can offer reliable service and support to our clients when they may need it. 

As the leading ratings and analysis software in the industry, it’s essential that we assist our clients in getting as much out of our service as possible. 

Our unparalleled client support includes:

  • Client Evaluation: We assist you to get the most from the R2W Axis software. Our team works with you to select the subscription that is best suited to your needs and experience.
  • Installation: In addition to our step-by-step self-installation manual, we offer remote one-on-one R2W Axis software installation and setup.
  • Education: Our comprehensive online manual explains the software functions in user-friendly chapters. We also provide videos and articles on our website to further educate you in successfully using R2W Axis.  
  • Ongoing Development: As part of our exclusive client base, your feedback is incredibly important to us. We value clients’ suggestions when further developing the R2W Axis software. 

The R2W team is personally available to any annual client wanting answers to their betting/form-related questions. The education section of our website contains relevant and factual advice that will help you refine your knowledge and practices.

With this knowledge, education and understanding, Ratings2Win empowers our clients to stay ahead of the game.

What the clients say about us?

Powerful Form Analysis Tools

The range of form analysis tools is part of what makes R2W Axis such a powerful software suite.

R2W Axis offers accurate performance & sectional ratings, rankings, wide/lanes data, margins from leader, track pattern/bias meeting and race analysis. Our software also includes proprietary form and adjustable speed maps produced from corrected times and sectionals covering all Australian, Hong Kong and Singapore TAB meetings, including barrier trials.

Learn more about our unique form analysis features below:

R2W Axis equips clients with the most up-to-date jockey, trainer, sire and dam statistics with unmatched accuracy. Clients can interrogate the database with a customised query and produce a dynamically updated output, all based on our verified data. The possibilities are almost endless.   

Some of our unique features include:

  • R2W JR and TR: A unique assessment of each jockey and trainer for short- and longer-term performance. At R2W, we completely ignore traditional jockey/trainer premiership stats in the calculation process. The main reason is that not all mounts/runners have the same winning chance. The traditional and often-used statistics are skewed because there is no odds cut-off for determining the outcome. 
  • Apprentice Jockey Claim: R2W Axis is the only program that delivers the most correct claims for jockeys on race day. Most days, there can be many cases where the official reported jockey claim is incorrect. This is something that is further exacerbated by jockey changes on the day.
  • Super Jockey & Trainer: This metric posts jockeys & trainers with high strike rates and levels of profit on turnover (up to 30%). Essentially, jockeys and trainers flagged deliver a better-than-average performance record and POT when their mount is expected to perform. The list often comprises unfashionable jockeys/trainers that the R2W Axis computer identifies.

R2W Axis is all about presenting accurate information – which includes our Ratings – in the most simple, beneficial and interactive way possible.

Unlike others on the market, Ratings2Win independently verifies all ratings data used in our algorithms. As a consequence, we believe that R2W offers ratings that are superior in strike rate to any other speed and performance ratings commercially available.

Some of our unique ratings features include:

  • R2W WQR (Wholistic Quality Ratings): We’ve committed to research and testing across a range of new intelligence projects to create Australia’s best historical quality performance ratings. These are formulated on a combination of verified speed measures, including our R2W Track Speed, before being adjusted to our proprietary, modern, world-class WFA scales. Finally, they are adjusted for our R2W Race Quality.
  • R2W Speed & Intelligence Ratings:  By verifying and correcting all ratings data used in our calculations, R2W Axis offers the most potent Speed & Intelligence ratings available in the public domain. The R2W Speed Rating is our unique verified speed/time-based rating. The R2W intelligence rating is our unique automated flagship rating.
  • R2W Trial Ratings: The R2W Trial Ratings are our unique verified time-based ratings for trials. All data used to calculate trial ratings is independently verified to ensure accuracy and thus deliver real value to our clients. Our barrier trail rating system eliminates the need to convert time to a meaningful performance measure manually.
  • Indicators and LWD Performance Ranks: As a unique method of viewing the performance of horses, these figures have the potential to revolutionise outcomes. We often see well-fancied horses unfavourably positioned in the LWD rankings. They are not able to match their market expectation over the long term. Our experience shows that the answer to ‘surprise results’ can be found in the Indicators and LWD Performance Ranks.
  • R2W WFA Speed Rating: Our WFA adjusted Speed Ratings are a variation of the R2W Speed Ratings. They are based on a combination of Speed adjusted for our proprietary, modern, world-class WFA scales.
  • R2W Sectional and Split Ratings: In an Australian first, Ratings2Win Race and Individual Horse Sectionals and Splits cover TAB meetings for Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and barrier trials. 


Accurate Early Speed and Settling Maps are critical tools for anyone analysing a horse’s chances in an upcoming race. What makes the R2W Axis Early Speed and Settling mapping technology different is the quality of data used and the accuracy of the algorithm.

The Early Speed Grid (ESG) forms an intricate part of our pre-race analysis, designed to highlight each horse’s exposed early speed potential. This allows us and our clients to gauge how a race may be run in the early stages.

Knowledge of a race’s overall early speed profile enables one to determine whether their horse is likely to be suited by the pace shape of the race after taking into consideration its barrier relative to other runners. Whilst similar products are often sold separately, we believe our premium clients should have access to this crucial information.

R2W Axis can also be used to automatically populate colour-coded Settling Maps. Using the most accurate data within the public domain, these display each horse’s settling position and potential wides based on the early speed grid.

R2W Settling Maps use a proprietary formula that interprets the ESG and displays the result showing how each horse could settle and how wide it could be relative to the rail position. The Settling Maps can be customised and then automatically re-calculated in accordance with any changes you make.

Instantly visualise where a horse may settle, which horses are likely to receive good runs and which runners may face obstacles. This allows clients to consistently isolate the best contenders and make more accurate decisions.

For those that choose not to do their own form study or just simply prefer to quickly isolate the main chances in a race based on ratings, or other criteria, the R2W Axis Selection Finder & Analyser offers the solution.

The Selection Finder & Analyser module allows you to quickly isolate potential bets using past data and systems that are developed by you. The R2W Axis Selection Finder & Analyser is an efficient means of ensuring that you capture without error all horses that qualify on individual or groups of systems.

When it comes to Selection Analysis, choose from amongst the 200+ separate filters and combinations to create any system and have those selections displayed with the click of a button. R2W Axis allows you to use up to 14 proprietary and five private ratings to develop and improve your own handicapping angles and selection processes.

Axis users can apply this not only to today’s races but to past results as well. This way, you can utilise the ratings and filters to fine-tune your selection process. Test and refine multiple systems and enjoy the benefits that flow.

The R2W Axis Betting Analyser is a unique feature that integrates the results of your system tests and/or previous bets. Our Betting Analyser conveniently displays a variety of profit and bank risk features, giving your bets more context.

Betting Analyser allows the user to test and experiment with many different betting methods and scenarios to gauge their effectiveness over historical test results. It allows user to set their bank, percentage of investment (bet to collect) and choose several different dividend options.

The more information you have, especially about your own betting practices, the easier it is to learn from and improve your punting strategies. No other analytics tool in the industry currently displays betting analysis to the same depth and detail as R2W Axis.

Discover the power and flexibility that exists when using this one-of-a-kind module.

Track conditions in Australia are often reported inaccurately. Other software tools will pass on this information directly, undermining the integrity of the user’s analysis.

On the other hand, R2W Axis provides a more accurate track speed than the official track condition by using the results and corrected times for each race.

These track speed assessments are then used to determine a horse’s track condition suitability. By using this module, R2W Axis clients can pinpoint track bias early into a race meeting and gain a tangible advantage over their competitors.

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