About Us

Who we are

Ratings2Win was founded by Paul Daily and Michal Matula, a team with a deep passion for all things racing boasting over 50 years of collective experience. Their areas of expertise include form analysis, professional punting, programming and specialist racing knowledge.

Ratings2Win delivers the best Racing Intelligence developed for Punters by Punters. Accordingly, Axis is Australia’s premier horse racing software/database. Our verified data, powerful form analysis tools and performance/speed/sectional ratings are without peer.

What we do

Simply put:

We arm our clients with the necessary tools, information, knowledge, education and understanding that enables them to profit from racing on a consistent basis. 

Necessary tools and information

Ratings2Win Axis contains the most accurate ratings that are commercially available in the marketplace today. Our Axis database software contains many key components that are proprietary and are unavailable elsewhere. This provides our clients with an information edge over the market.

Knowledge, education and understanding

Paul is personally available to any annual client wanting answers to their betting/form related questions. Our Bet like a Pro section of this website contains relevant and factual betting education that will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the difficulties associated with making a profit from betting. With this knowledge education and understanding you can learn what it takes to stay in front of the game.

Why we do it

R2W emerged as a result of a range of factors that include:

  1. Our desire to become the leading provider of industry best performance ratings, accurate data and form analysis tools;
  2. The continued encouragement and support that we continue to receive from clients and associates;
  3. Our relentless desire to continually improve the performance of our ratings and data; and
  4. We genuinely want to help all clients achieve their objectives.

A challenge for our competitors is that their ratings and data calculations are based for the most part on official data. There seems to be no allowance for the level of misinformation associated with this approach. R2W ratings are the best and most successful ratings available in the marketplace today. Our data verification and correction processes are cutting edge and lead the industry. Another reason why most of Australia’s leading racing participants choose to use the R2W Axis database.

At Ratings2Win we strive to develop long lasting relationships with our clients, each of which are built around outstanding service, performance and trust. We encourage you to take up the challenge by contacting us today, so that you can begin or continue your journey towards being a more successful and long term winning punter.