Hardware Requirements (updated 10/02/2020)

The following minimum hardware configuration is required to operate the R2W Axis software functions. Please note we don’t support mobile solutions such as tablets and hand held devices. Laptops are OK provided they meet our minimum requirements.

Minimum Specs
Windows XP Service pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10;
Compatibable with Mac running software such as Parallels
3 GB of RAM (min for PC) or 1 GB of RAM allocated to Windows (min for Mac)
1 GB of Hard Disk storage plus multiples of 1 GB for each backup (minimum of 15 GB in total allows for 14 days of back ups)
1024 x 768 Screen Resolution
DPI Settings – Default preferred. Other DPI settings are supported

* Our test machine for minimum requirements is a 7yo Dual Core AMD Athelon CPU running at 2.1ghz with 3.5gig RAM and a 500 gig WD Black Caviar hard disk drive. Operating sys. is Windows XP.

Recommended Specs
CPU Intel i7 (10th generation); Windows 10 Professional 64bit or Mac running software such as Parallels
32 GB of RAM;
512 GB M.2 Solid State Hard Drive for Windows 10 (Samsung 970 Pro SSDs or equivalent);
512 GB M.2 Solid State Hard Drive for R2W Axis (Samsung 970 Pro SSDs or equivalent)
1920 x 1080 – Screen resolution (24″inch desktop or 17″inch laptop);
2560 x 1440 – Screen resolution (27″inch desktop)
DPI Settings – Default (due to the compactness of the information).
A larger screen resolution should be accompanied by a correspondingly large screen size.
The best way to speed up Axis is to install a Solid State Hard drive (256GB) and run Axis from it. It is very economical and the difference is staggering. One client’s experience is that after only installing a SSD his downloads went from 1.5 min to around 33 seconds. Others report similar improvements.


Standard SATA 6 SSDs’ are well priced, however for extra speed boost look at M.2. format especially in the Samsung 970 Pro range!


Consider running 2 SSD drives. One for windows and all programs and another (small one) for Axis. This will free up any potential traffic jams for the data when windows are performing intense data transfers and Axis is required as well. Also it provides extra security over drive failing by having backups on one drive and Axis on another.


For more information please follow a link to our article Computer For Punting, or email us support@ratings2win.com.au