Axis Professional – Full list of inclusions


R2W Axis Database Software
Free Axis Program Support
R2W Axis Data Files (First, Early, Late, Resulted, Trial, Jockey and others)
R2W Selection Finder
R2W Selection Analyser
R2W Betting Analyser
R2W Advanced Analysis (interrogate Jockeys, Trainers, Sire and Dam statistics like never before)
R2W PHF (Personal Horse Flags)
Your Black Book and Profiles
Consensus Panel
Consensus recalculate
Key Race/Trial for TAB meetings (trials are available for the majority of trials conducted)
Pro Functions
Field Compare (module Field Compare and Previous Encounters)
Previous Encounters (module Field Compare and Previous Encounters)
Advanced Compare (process form filters across an entire field)
Comments Plus (a quantum leap in recording comments; automate the making of comments and have Axis seamlessly create race/horse adjustments based on those comments according to your preferences)
R2W My Pre-Race Assessment (produce your own pre-race ratings and markets)
Merge your Rated Prices with the market and have these continuously updated automatically
R2W My Post-Race Assessment
(adjust ratings for races and individual horses post-race)
Exotics Analyser + Daily exotic selections
External List Test and Analysis
Automatic Live Updates of prices, scratching’s and other changes throughout the current day’s racing and beyond.
Race Field Details
Horse Statistics
Races of Interest (ROI available from 1/8/2012)
OHR Rating (Official Handicapper’s Rating)
Gear Changes (All official RISA Gear Changes)
Rail Positions
Stewards Comments in easy to read abbreviated extracts
R2W Adjusted SP
R2W Verify Race day Track Condition (ability to identify any bias early)
R2W WQR (Available to Axis Professional (annual) clients only)
R2W WFA Speed rating and adjustment
R2W Speed Rating
*R2W Race and individual Horse Sectional and Split Ratings, Rankings, wides/lane data, margins from leader, track pattern/bias meeting and race analysis (optional extra using verified time data that covers all TAB AU and HK racing. Trials also included.)
R2W Intelligence Rating
R2W Best Distance Range
R2W Peak Distance Rating
R2W PIR (Expected Position in Run)
R2W Jockey Rating
R2W Trainer Rating
R2W RV Rating (Relative Value)
R2W Weight and Barrier True Differentials
R2W Race Strength Values for Today’s Race (aBASE and BASE)
R2W Professional Past race data up to 20+ runs with TRIALS (includes first and last sectional ratings and R2W Track Speed)
R2W Legacy fields and past data printout
Excel optional printout of system selections and selected data
Bloodhound pedigree look up facility
Form comments for races and trials (race-at-a-time bulk input)
Horse, Jockey,Trainer and Track Profiles
R2W Indicators flag
R2W Last performance rank (L)
R2W Weight performance rank (W)
R2W Distance performance rank (D)
R2W Super jockeys flag
R2W Super trainers flag
R2W Early speed grids and settling maps that can be customised and stored
R2W Horse’s Race and/or Trial Past Form Search
R2W Vision Viewer/Manager (view and manage past race/trial footage. Assumes user has access to their own footage)
Various custom import and data conversion options (price quoted per job and only available on application)
Verified versus Official Time Rating Flag


R2W additional Historical Data
*R2W Race and Individual Horse Sectional and Split Ratings, Rankings (Trials also included), wides/lane data, margins from leader, track pattern/bias meeting and race analysis (optional extra using verified time data that covers all TAB AU and HK racing. . Available for purchase as a single or multiple states).
Import up to 5 External ratings (each rating has 1 off processing fee)

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