The growth of Ratings2Win

History of improvements in Axis, our ratings and results

Whilst Ratings2Win Pty Ltd was incorporated in May 2012, the history of Axis and our Ratings Generating Program (EWDB) goes back to 2009. Both Paul and Michal have a separate time line of betting experience and programming development that came together when Paul commissioned Michal for a bespoke project in February 2009. After this project was complete, Paul and Michal continued to work closely using both their combined skills and intelligence, to further develop and enhance their methods.

Paul and Michal are passionate about all things racing and continuously succeed in improving the software that incorporates not only our selection techniques but a high level of complex math that underpins the many algorithms that form both EWDB and Axis. The resultant benefits of their combined development of both the Axis and EWDB, is that they often come up with ideas that would otherwise not come to light if they were to operate independently. They constantly question and debate the finer points and ideas which in turn propels each of them and the software development forward.

Both Axis and EWDB started off as a series of very complex Excel spreadsheet programs. Commencing in 2006 for Michal and before that for Paul when he was using a combination of spreadsheets and TRB's GTX. Michal used his program to develop his own speed ratings whereas Paul used GTX to tune speed rating performances before exporting the data to spreadsheets for further analysis. These formed the basis of what were Paul's private assessments. The early and somewhat simpler version of Michal's spreadsheet program (in comparison to EWDB), already included many of the ratings that are found in the Axis today. These include a speed rating (although this is very different now), L Rank, W Rank, D Rank, Indicators and the PkD.

The following time line illustrates the improvements and developments to what is now the R2W Axis ratings.


We suggest that you read this table below by starting at the bottom.

2017 Dec

Our client base now includes media broadcasters, jockey managers, racehorse trainers and of course many well-known professional punters. R2W also continues to safeguard the edge that Axis provides by continuing to limit licence availability and by rejecting all corporate bookmakers as potential clients.

Our development has seen many improvements to Axis, chief among them the new WQR Rating. A product of Paul’s personal overview and adjustment of all Australian races. A New Comments module now allows for semi-automated comments creation and new First files now deliver form files even sooner while continuing our error correction protocols which sets us apart from all other data providers. We have added ability to merge client’s personal ratings with the market to create a blended market, which is a first for any Australian Racing software. Additionally, there were many, many other smaller improvements and in-line with our policy, all of the above has been provided at no additional developmental cost to clients.

Behind the scene changes delivered improvements in speed and efficiency of our Axis software. Our continued refinements of our ratings has seen their performance climb against the average of all our available data (122,500+ races), and lastly we have instigated further data security and diversified our backup procedures to create an even more secure platform for processing and delivery of data to clients.  

  • Intelligence Rating - Top Pick 27%, Top 3 59.0% 
  • Speed Rating - Top Pick 24.0%, Top 3 54.4%

2015 Dec

Another action packed year. We have introduced new WFA adjustments and WFA ratings, also a new Exotics module with features the industry has not seen before, increased the speed of our database, made further progress into securing clients data via offsite backups, introduced steward comments, and new race splits and sectionals available for all TAB races in Australia. We also have HK form, one that actually distinguishes between turf and AWT tracks unlike the current Au official form which has Sha Tin as one track. There is the new Verify Race Day Track Condition module which allows clients to detect the true track speed as the meeting progresses, and we expanded the Key race to Key day which allows a more comprehensive performance comparison using all races run on the day in question,  finally we created subscriber tutorials to help clients with getting to know our program.

The Ratings remain rock steady. A consistent performance and industry leader, our clients can depend on. Yet we continue to bag the Big dividends. Based on 93,000 races the current strike rates are;

  • Intelligence Rating - Top Pick 26.8%, Top 3 58.5% 
  • Speed Rating - Top Pick 24.0%, Top 3 54.3%

2014 Dec

It has been a busy 2 years with Axis fast becoming the go to choice for many Australia's top punters. We have added many new functions such as PRE and POST race adjustments to ratings and a unique way of looking at Previous Encounters between horses and more data including Rail positions, Gear and Trials.

We have introduced a limited number of licences, this policy ensures that our clients can continue to exploit the benefits that the software provides.

Finally and most importantly we continue to improve the ratings. In 2014 we have introduced 2 major rating improvements which will increase the ratings strike rate in years to come. Based on all 76,000 races, the current rating continue to perform consistently and the strike rates are;

  • Intelligence Rating - Top Pick 26.8%, Top 3 58.4%
  • Speed Rating  - Top Pick 24.0%, Top 3 54.3%

2012   Dec

Axis is again improved following an intensive 2 months of development in areas of speed rating algorithm, race times and the BASE figure. Based on over 42,000 races, the current rating strike rates are;

  • Intelligence Rating  - Top Pick 26.7%, Top 3 58.1%
  • Speed Rating  - Top Pick 23.8%, Top 3 54.1%

2012   Oct

Right on schedule, Axis is released officially to public.

  • Intelligence Rating strike rate - Top   Pick 26.3%, Top 3 57.4%
  • Speed Rating strike rate - Top Pick 23.3%, Top 3 52.6%

2012   Jun

Axis is released in beta, EWDB undergoes further improvements to rating algorithms that continues towards the Axis release.

2012   Feb

The decision is made to create a unique product for sale. The programming for Axis begins. Shortly afterwards Ratings2Win Pty Ltd is incorporated.

2011   Oct

Change to the race variant algorithm resulted in increased strike rate.

  • Intelligence Rating strike rate - Top   Pick 25.8%, Top 3 56.8%
  • Speed Rating strike rate - Top Pick 23.1%, Top 3 51.7%

2011   Jul

We begin out-sourcing the verification of race and sectional times whilst continuing to clock races and sectionals as a back stop.

2011   May

Total overhaul to the Pars and track variants drastically improve the strike rates of all ratings.

  • Top pick Intelligence Rating strike rate 25.4%*
  • Top pick Speed Rating strike rate 22.7%*

2011   Jan

PIR is greatly improved with the acquisition of settling positions for all horses in all races.

2010   Oct

Intelligence Rating is added to the program.

  • Top pick Intelligence Rating strike rate 24.3%*
  • Top pick Speed Rating strike rate 22.1%*

2010   Jul

Further critical errors were discovered in the official form so the program is overhauled so as to eliminate as many errors as possible.

2010   Apr

Position In-running (PIR) was added.

2010   Jan

Version 1 of EWDB (Rating Program) is adopted.

  • Top pick Speed Rating strike rate 21.4%*

2009   Jun

Paul and Michal combine forces to develop a software program to be called EWDB. This program is to combine the best of Paul’s and Michal’s ideas further building on the spreadsheet concepts currently used.


Several improvements to the basic speed rating algorithm, pars and track variants have been added. Ratings released to private clients for   free.

  • Top pick strike rate 19.4%*

2007 Oct

PkD rating was introduced.

2007 Apr

The Indicators were introduced.

2007 Feb

The LWD ranks were introduced.

2006 Nov

Some errors detected in the official form, first error correction algorithms devised, program is improved and hence becomes more complex.

  • Top pick strike rate 18.9%*

2006 May

Some of the R2W ratings begin. Complex Spreadsheet produces speed ratings.

  • Top pick strike rate 18.5% *


* For some of our earlier ratings we don’t have the top 3 strike rates.