Ratings2Win Axis software

For what seems an eternity, punters have been grappling with one very important element of the form, gear changes. As punters ourselves, we totally understand the frustrations of the process involved in obtaining accurate gear changes.

Gear changes are of course nothing new. You will find them published in newspapers and on websites. Until now the problem has been collating (from the many sources available) an accurate record of this information and then applying it efficiently. To do this one can use index cards, make notes into spreadsheets or even glue things into scrapbooks. This really complicates the recall of that information. It simply isn’t where you want it when you need it.

To top it all off, the gear kit (a list of standard gear that the horse carries) is a forgotten entity as all that is available are the gear changes. Its one thing to see synthetic hoof filler as a gear change and entirely another to remember that the horse has issues with its feet next time it runs in a race.


What used to be a tedious and complicated task and one that has NEVER been completely addressed by any racing software database in Australia; has now been resolved by Ratings2Win in their Axis software. For the first time, professional clients have access to complete official RISA gear changes in abbreviated form next to each horse in the form every day in every TAB race. This quickly cuts through all the tedious work previously required to maintain such records. Today’s gear changes are now conveniently placed in the form and this is just the start.

Firstly you will be able to see the gear change against each of the horses past starts when you view it’s form. This means you will be able to instantly identify horse’s prior runs with that gear and form an opinion on any expected performance when the gear change reoccurs. Over time the entire gear package will also constitute an approximation of the gear the horse is carrying at today’s start that are not gear changes. This eliminates the chance of you forgetting potentially vital information. The gear changes will also be able to be viewed anywhere throughout the program where you would expect to view horses past starts whether that be in search, key race, my assessments and other modules.

If that wasn’t enough, there is more. R2W Axis will push the boundaries even further, allowing punters for the first time to be able to test gear changes as an element of the form. This means that finding an edge by using gear changes will become a reality. Consider knowing the statistics on how different trainers use gear changes can uncover hidden edges totally out of the reach of the majority of punters. Know the effect all the different gear has on a horse; not an opinion or observation but an actual fully fledged analysis.

ratings2win understand punters needs and continue to deliver state of the art software, functionality and data to their clients. The best thing of course is that this key information is made available to professional Axis subscribers at no additional cost, whether that is the data itself or the testing/analysis capabilities of the software.