We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our “Axis Education Articles” series. These articles are designed to introduce you to the software and provide you with a light yet detailed overview, so that you know what to expect from the many modules and options available. They should be read in conjunction with viewing our R2W Video Tutorials.

Each article is delivered in a PDF file, is just a few paragraphs in length and contains a screen shot so as to help you navigate the explanation narrative as it unfolds. These articles are not a replacement for, nor should they be used in place of the Online Manual. That is a separate document that covers every aspect of the software, with adequate detail and a range of screenshots for easy interpretation.

Who Should Read these articles?

If you are considering purchasing new racing software, then you may want to know in more detail what our software has to offer beyond the scope of brief explanations contained on the website. To succeed in punting requires a long-term commitment. We want you to be comfortable with your decision in allowing us to become your trusted racing information and data provider.

If you are considering a change from your current racing/ratings provider, you should know what the software has in store for you and how you can best use its functionality. Moving to a new software package is an important decision. By having all the functions clearly explained, we are able to assist you in overcoming any initial learning and work-flow changes.

Those that have purchased Axis will find that these articles will provide them with an overall operational overview that will benefit their understanding of the programs functions and how they fit together.

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Final Words

As you navigate our website, you will discover our unique and professional approach towards providing you what we know to be the best racing database software currently available. Our Axis software is simple to use yet effective and our ratings are amongst the best available. Our years of punting experience along with substantial R&D investment have led to the initial and ongoing development of the R2W Axis software. We trust that you will find our articles inspiring, entertaining and educational.

Kind Regards

The Ratings2Win team!