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Welcome to the learn to bet like a pro education portal

Here we will educate you towards becoming a more successful punter. At times we will challenge conventional betting and form based theories. We promise to only provide you with valuable information that will assist in – Keeping you in front !

Some of the information contained in this section,  may at times lead to an uncomfortable feeling, in that it will often challenge these conventional beliefs.

Rest assured though that we will always do our absolute best to provide you with nothing but factually correct and proven findings, supported by real data, that are designed to increase your betting IQ.

Unfortunately many other racing services continue to dish out propaganda or otherwise factually incorrect misinformation having no regard to the likelihood that you may in fact make betting decisions based on what they publish.

General Articles

Available to all visitors of this site to participate in the knowledge and information that these articles offer. 

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Special Reports

Reveal useful statistical analysis. These reports have been reviewed by a number of high profile industry participants.


Online interview

Jake Williams interviews Paul Daily on a wide range of topics.

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Catch up on all the information and action of past shows and interviews.

R2W AXIS Educational Tools

THE Introduction to Axis Educational articles

This is a series of articles that summaries the entire functionality of the Axis software. New users of Axis will also get great benefit from reading these articles as they will obtain an better understanding of the functions and benefits are that the program offers.


View a series of short videos that demonstrate the capabilities of the Axis software. You will see a ‘live’ demonstration of the modules and get a hands on feel just how easy it is to use the software. Further details can be obtained from the Axis Page and articles.

Special Reports and Media

R2W Special Reports

We are often asked to submit content that is of interest for other racing websites and publications. These articles reveal useful statistical analysis and also include from time to time opinion pieces. They  have been reviewed by a number of high profile industry participants that include on course rails bookmakers, jockeys, professional punters and form analysts and journalists.

R2W Media Interviews

Our Media presence is growing every day. Ratings2Win has featured on a range of interviews, including the Business of Betting podcast with Jakes Williams, and other sites such as Racing Rant and The Punters Show.

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